FUNKO Releasing Dan Aykroyd “Trading Places” Pops

Published on: 2018/10/30 - in Entertainment

Just in time for the holidays, FUNKO has announced new ‘Trading Places‘ Pops will be coming out next month.

The figures are based on the 1983 comedy film that starred Kingston-area resident Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy.

There are three Pops from different parts of the movie for Aykroyd’s character, Louis Winthorpe III, and two Pops for Eddie Murphy’s character, Billy Ray Valentine.

FUNKO announced the release with a brief summary of the film, writing:

What happens when bored rich men decide to conduct a social experiment on two unwitting human beings? Comedy and a lesson in human nature ensue.

Billy Ray Valentine showcases the extremes as two Pop! figures, one a successful businessman and the other Special Agent Orange, or Billy Ray Valentine panhandling.

Louis Winthorpe III is so successful he’s waving money although Santa Louis looks decidedly bedraggled.

The Trading Places FUNKO Pop Vinyl set is expected to release in November.

The wealthy Louis Winthorpe III Pop
The poor and beaten up Louis Winthorpe III Pop
The bedraggled Louis Winthorpe III dressed as Santa
The two Pops of Eddie Murphy’s Billy Ray Valentine

Trading Places earned over $90 million at the domestic box office and was 1983’s #4 movie of the year and the #2 R-rated film.