Globefill Inc. Releases New Blend of Dan Aykroyd’s Crystal Head Vodka

Published on: 2020/10/22 - in Entertainment

Just in time for Halloween, Crystal Head Vodka has released a new blend to its lineup that features a glossy black version of its signature skull shaped bottle and a brand new taste.

Co-founded by local celebrity Dan Aykroyd and artist-designer John Alexander, Globefill Inc.’s newest vodka expression, Crystal Head Onyx, is crafted from Blue Weber Agave, sourced from a single farm in Mexico, and bridges the gap between vodka and tequila.

“Fresh green grass, nuanced white pepper and hints of citrus on the nose. Soft and smooth with a touch of spice and sweetness, with an unmistakable earthy grip of agave. Like all Crystal Head expressions, Onyx is blended with the purest water from Newfoundland, Canada,” the company writes. “This gives the final product a clean and semi-sweet finish. Staying true to Crystal Head values, Onyx does not contain any oils, sugars or additives.”

Unlike some of the one-off bottles issued by Globefill that contained the original CHV blend – including this past year’s Pride rainbow coloured bottle and a bone white Halloween skull released in time for last Halloween – Crystal Head Onyx joins the original CHV and Aurora blends as a permanent entry in the CHV family.

Onyx isn’t Aykroyd’s first venture with tequila spirits. His company Alloy Brands Inc. obtained the Canadian distribution rights to Patron Tequila back in 2005. Globefill Inc., the makers of Crystal Head Vodka, also filed a successful lawsuit in 2017 against a tequila company that was distributing its own product in skull-shaped bottles.

Crystal Head Onyx is available now through the LCBO, which currently lists bottles stocked for Kingston at the 34 Barrack St., 905 Princess St., and 1089 Midland Ave. outlets.

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Top photo source: Crystal Head Vodka on Twitter