The Kingston Herald features a team of dedicated and experienced local writers for every column of our site.  Each manages a specific section of the Herald, but may contribute to other columns when the subject matter features elements that are more related.

We also accept Press Releases from local charities, businesses, and institutions – just paste them into ‘Message’ box on our contact page, which is also suitable for contacting us with your comments and questions.


Dick Mathison – [] email

When it comes to the latest tech and geek news in Kingston, our own Dick Mathison is always on the case. From research at Queen’s University, to local start up companies,  technology developed in Kingston is of interest for both local and international visitors.

Heather Denise – [] email

Collating local news along with interviewing and researching new information for these stories, is Heather’s primary role at the Herald.

Courtney Hart – [] email

Already an accomplished online writer on her own celebrity blog, that features mainstream news as well as unique interviews and research about locally raised celebrity Avril Lavigne, Courtney will use that experience to contribute to the Celebrity section of the Kingston Herald.

Robert John – [] email

Keeping track of the latest announcements by city institutions, business, and government is a daunting task, and their latest releases are compiled and collected by Rob for publishing on the Kingston Herald.

Steve Gerard – [] email

Steve is the primary contributor to the local news section and fills in for other categories as needed.


Steve Gill – [] email

Steve has been on the net since the late 80s and producing news since the late 1990s. Beginning with faux CNN-style news reports for an international military simulation, in recent years he has been involved with publishing institutional and government related news.