Tonight, Kingstonians Can “Stand Up for Solar”

Published on: 2011/07/21 - in Science & Tech

Tonight, Thursday July 21, Kingston area residents are invited to participate in an important discussion that directly impacts the local community. SWITCH (bringing new life to energy) is hosting a presentation and discussion given by Stand Up for SOLAR, an initiative of The Canadian Solar Industries Association (CanSIA), about the positive benefits and impacts of the Green Energy Act and the Feed-In Tariff program for Ontario citizens.

Emily Wood, who is the Policy & Research Advisor for the Canadian Solar Industries Association – a non-partisan organization – will be there to discuss how the Green Energy Act and the Feed-In Tariff program are having an economic and environmental impact, including job creation, investment and manufacturing.  A brief overview of the Ontario Solar Industry, the Green Energy Act and the Feed-In Tariff program will introduce the talk.

For more information on what you can do to Stand Up for SOLAR, visit: .

SWITCH, is a sustainable energy association that brings together urban and rural businesses, farmers, researchers and innovators, students and other community-minded people, working to position the south eastern Ontario region as a leading centre for sustainable energy.

Space is limited, so register early on this webpage.

Stand UP for Solar will begin at 7 pm on July 21st at SWITCH, Innovation Park, 945 Princess Street, Kingston, Ontario.


Photo: Wikimedia Commons