Compose, Generate and Listen to Music Produced by Your Plants

Published on: 2019/12/23 - in Science & Tech

Have you ever wondered if you could hear music from a plant? A Kingston company is now offering up the possibility to do exactly that.

“PLANTChoir is a small, durable, Bluetooth device that allows you to compose, generate, and listen to real time music produced by plants,” according to the product website. “Using biofeedback technology and a custom mobile app, PLANTChoir allows you to interact with your plants in a way that has never been experienced before.”

Information on how it works can be found in the video below – followed by another video demonstrating music produced by a quartet of plants “playing” a variety of instruments:

The local company is offering up a 25% discount between now and January 31, 2020, lowering its regular price from S199 to $149 CDN, plus you get a free PLANTChoir Bluetooth Speaker with every order on their website.

Plant enthusiast and others who are trying to live a greener lifestyle will also be happy to know that 10 trees will be planted for every PLANTChoir purchased.

Check out more videos with PLANTChoir in action on Youtube.

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Image source: PLANTChoir