Tourism Kingston Launches Visitor Survey on City Wi-Fi Network

Published on: 2019/06/18 - in Science & Tech

An online visitor survey was launched Monday by Tourism Kingston with the goal of collecting data to improve tourism services in the city.

The survey is voluntary and anonymous and appears on the City of Kingston’s guest Wi-Fi network, free at City-owned facilities, when someone connect a device to it.

The one-minute survey begins by requesting the participant’s postal code and, since the survey relates to visitors to Kingston, users who enter a local postal code will be automatically opted-out.

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According to the City:

Visitors can decide to opt-out of the survey at any point during the completion process and will not see the survey for another 60 days unless they clear their browsing history. Opting out of the survey will not impact users’ access to the network.

No sensitive personal information – including the person’s name, detailed address, phone number or email – is requested in the survey, nor is any device ID or user device information captured or stored. Information collected by the survey will be aggregated in a report to be compiled at a later date.

More information can be found at the Tourism Kingston FAQ.

Image: Pixabay (cc)