New Online Tool Puts Kingston On the Map

Published on: 2019/12/09 - in Science & Tech

The City is reminding residents today about My Neighbourhood – an interactive online map lets you explore City services, facilities and projects within a selected area of Kingston.

“We are working to make My Neighbourhood a handy tool for everyday use by residents,” said Jeff Bumstead, Chief Information Officer. “We are moving forward with our plans to add more data, filters and layers.”  The application uses many of the data sets now available in Open Data Kingston’s catalogue.

You can currently use the interactive My Neighbourhood map to explore and find:

  • government offices
  • fire, police and ambulance stations
  • recreational facilities
  • your waste collection day and places that sell garbage bag tags
  • bus stops and parking lots
  • construction projects
  • development activity

Check it out at

Details and image source: City of Kingston