Broadband Survey to be Conducted Door-to-Door

Published on: 2019/07/22 - in Science & Tech

In a follow up to the previously announced online survey by the City of Kingston and Utilities Kingston, its partner in the venture along with Queen’s University, Limestone Analytics, will also be going door-to-door to conduct a survey on residential Internet use..

The door-to-door surveys will take place between now and mid-August in locations that include CFB Kingston, Gardiners/Meadowbrook, Henderson, and Reddendale.

In addition to gathering survey information, representatives – who will be carrying Utilities Kingston contractor identification, which residents are encouraged to ask to see – will request to have a speed test conducted on your personal device using your home internet connection. Participants will be entered to win one of twenty $50 gift cards from Limestone Analytics.

Residents in those areas can also choose to provide input in the online survey. Results from both methods will support future funding applications for broadband infrastructure to improve Internet service, coverage, performance and rates in rural and urban Kingston.

“This survey will give us a picture of Kingston’s current experience of the Internet and help us identify how and where it can be improved – including both performance and cost components,” said Kevin McCauley, Utilities Kingston’s director of Networking.

Interested businesses are encouraged to participate in a similar online business survey, although businesses operating out of a residence should complete the residential survey.

Photo: Alexa LaSpisa (cc)