City Seeks Input on Dropbike Community Bike-Share Program

Published on: 2019/12/17 - in Science & Tech

The City of Kingston is seeking feedback on the Dropbike community bike-share program for those who may have utilized the program in 2019 or chose not to.

“Nearly 4,000 people made use of one of the orange Dropbikes in the first full season of this city-wide program,” said Paul MacLatchy, Environment Director. “That’s not bad, but we would like to see even more people making use of this convenient, affordable, active and green form of transportation.”

Dropbike users and wanna-be users are invited to offer their input until December 23 at the City’s ‘Get Involved‘ engagement site.

The privately-owned company operates the dockless, bike-sharing program in Kingston through a licensing agreement with the City and local users collectively travelling 18,200 km in 2019.

Photo: Screencap – Dropbike video