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Research Examines Language Used to Motivate and Interrogate Terrorists

David Skillicorn, a researcher at Queen’s University, recently presented two new papers at a Seattle conference that examined the use of language as a way to understand the mental states behind it. The online magazine Inspire was the first example Dr. Skillicorn analysed in his papers. Inspire is believed to be published by the al… Keep Reading

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Queen’s University Health Researchers Awarded $5.35 Million

Ten Queen’s University researchers were awarded over $5.35 million from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) during the 2012/13 fiscal term. The funding is being used to support the creation of new scientific knowledge that could lead to better understanding of illnesses and disorders and, ultimately, better health of Canadians. “The support of the… Keep Reading

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Queen’s University Research Awarded 20 Patents in 2012

20 projects initiated by Queen’s University earned patents lst year, including research toward the use of renewable feedstocks to produce biodegradable plastics. The Vice-President, Intellectual Property at PARTEQ Innovations ( the technology transfer office of the university), Carol Miernicki Steeg, said that the patents are proof to the fact that the research carried out at… Keep Reading

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