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Dan Aykroyd to Promote Blues Brothers Video Game

Last week, MX Digital announced a partnership with Blues Brothers Approved Ventures for the use of The Blues Brothers brand for online gaming properties. The agreement includes the names and likenesses of Jake and Elwood Blues, as well as promotional support from original Blues Brother, Dan Aykroyd. “We are really excited to add The Blues Brothers to our catalog… Keep Reading

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Blues Brothers Television Series in the Works

According to Variety magazine, actor and SNL Alumnus (and long-time Kingston area resident) Dan Aykroyd will take part in a TV series based of his famous Blues Brothers characters. Both Aykroyd and Judy Belushi – widow of Blues Brother John Belushi – own the TV rights to the characters, and she has reportedly been involved… Keep Reading

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Aykroyd’s “Blues Brothers” Named Catholic Classic

This month, a Vatican official newspaper announced that Kingston resident Dan Aykroyd’s 1980 movie “The Blues Brothers” has been declared a Catholic Classic. The proclamation means his film – which also starred the late, great John Belushi – will join a list of dozens of films recommended by Catholic authorities, which includes Cecil B. DeMille’s… Keep Reading

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