Utilities Kingston Aids Hydro One to Restore Power During Windstorm

Published on: 2013/11/05 - in Releases

Utilities Kingston linesmen pitched in when Hydro One needed help to restore power to surrounding residents during last Friday’s windstorm.

“You go where help is needed. This time last year, it was Hurricane Sandy in New York. This time, it’s in our own backyard, giving us an opportunity to help our neighbours. The main thing is making sure people are warm and safe,” says Jim Keech, President and C.E.O. of Utilities Kingston.

Four Utilities Kingston linesmen assisted Hydro One over the weekend to clear branches, refuse transformers and transfer wires to restore power to customers suffering outages associated with Friday’s windstorm.

Crews were deployed to parts of central South Frontenac, including Verona, and on Wolfe and Amherst Islands.

Utilities Kingston crews dealt with three outages in its own service area (the Kingston Hydro distribution area in Central Kingston) on Friday.

Two lasted for about half an hour while a third, of about 13 minutes, was forced to allow for safe tree clearing. Keech credits the Kingston Hydro tree trimming program for helping to keep down the number of outages in the Kingston Hydro distribution area.


Release source: City of Kingston | Image: Utilities Kingston