University District Safety Initiative results in Additional Fine Numbers Last Weekend

Published on: 2022/03/21 - in Releases

RELEASE — Bylaw Enforcement and Kingston Police are reporting additional fines and charges from this past weekend. On March 19, enforcement partners issued 39 administrative monetary penalties (AMPs), with additional charges and arrests.

“Community partners worked quickly throughout the day to respond to large gatherings in the University District. We saw an increase in gatherings and fines, but disruptions to the community were limited,” says Kyle Compeau, Manager of Bylaw Enforcement. “On behalf of the City, we want to thank those individuals that chose to attend smaller gatherings or local establishments instead. These responsible decisions play a crucial role in maintaining capacity for emergency services.”

In total, seven nuisance parties were declared on March 19, with upper Aberdeen St. becoming temporarily obstructed in the early afternoon.

Kingston Police caution against aggressive behaviour

Gatherings on March 19 produced increasingly aggressive behavior, including one incident when a Kingston Police Officer was struck in the head by a drink container. Police caution partiers that behaviour can have serious long-term impacts.

“While the weekend’s gatherings were smaller relative to last year’s Homecoming, we continued to see aggressive and dangerous behaviour toward police and bylaw officers,” says Kingston Police Chief Antje McNeely. “Assaulting a police officer is an extremely serious offence, and a charge or conviction will have long-term implications on career prospects.”

Enforcement partners primarily issued AMPs where applicable and Part One Court Summonses were also issued in some situations, meaning a mandatory court appearance, with the individual’s identity being retained as part of a permanent court record. Arrests or charges under the Liquor Licensing Act could also mean a permanent record.

Individuals who receive a fine during the University District Safety Initiative will also have their identities disclosed as part of a reciprocal agreement in place with Queen’s University, with the intent of facilitating non-academic sanctions.

Kingston Police statistics – March 19

Liquor Licensing Act Charges:

  • 18 open liquor charges, resulting in a court summons
  • 7 public intoxication charges
  • Administrative Monetary Penalties:
    • 1 for amplification of sound, resulting in a $200 fine
    • 2 for obstructing an officer, resulting in a $500 fine

Police also attended 27 noise complaint calls and issued 4 Highway Traffic Act charges.

Bylaw Enforcement statistics – March 19

Administrative Monetary Penalties:

  • 13 for failing to leave premises of a nuisance party, resulting in a $500 fine
  • 8 for hosting or sponsoring a nuisance party, resulting in a $2000 fine
  • 6 for amplification of sound, resulting in a $200 fine
  • 6 for yelling or shouting, resulting in a $100 fine
  • 3 for obstructing an officer, resulting in a $500 fine

Provincial Offences:

  • 1 notice for obstructing a highway (street), resulting in a court summons

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Release: City of Kingston