City Planning Committee to be Updated on Unity Farm, Inn & Spa Project

Published on: 2020/02/19 - in Releases

RELEASE –BPE Development will be appearing before the City of Kingston’s Planning Committee on Thursday, February 20, to present an update regarding the Unity Farm, Inn & Spa project.

In the time since its initial presentation in the fall, the project has continued to evolve to satisfy neighbour requests and City requirements.

The proposed plan for the 35-acre site at 2285 Battersea Rd. will still include a spa, farmland, treatment facilities, a restaurant, a hotel and cabins, and (over the long-term) a brewery and vineyard. The most substantial recent change to the plans would be the relocation of the hotel from the southeastern corner of the property to the northwestern edge.

“We are dedicated to the communities we live in, the businesses we work with, the families we touch, and the land we must protect,” says Ben Pilon of BPE Developments Group. “Unity is the latest example of our company’s established commitment to responsible, caring, and community-oriented developments. We look forward to updating members of council on February 20 and continuing to share our vision for this beautiful property.”

BPE remains in discussions with area residents and city staff to ensure this proposal meets or exceeds all regulatory requirements, and to listen to and address their questions as best as possible. As part of this effort, Ben Pilon and John Fisher of BPE presented to the Glenburnie Residents Association at their November meeting. To date, more than 25 studies have been conducted on the site to ensure there will be no undue impact on the water supply, noise, and traffic.

In the fall, BPE held an open house event attracting two hundred visitors to the site and received consistently positive feedback in the post-event survey.

Find out more at the Unity Farm, Inn & Spa project site

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