Township of South Frontenac COVID-19 Response Update

Published on: 2020/04/07 - in Releases

A Public Service Announcement from the Township of South Frontenac

RELEASE — It is our goal to keep residents of South Frontenac up to date on all changes and information related to municipal service delivery and enhanced precautions that have been put in place to protect the community and slow the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Garbage & Recycling: Protect your Collector

As municipalities across Ontario continue to collect garbage & recycling, remember that the individuals delivering these services are doing their best to stay healthy as well. We are asking residents to do their part in keeping collectors and their families safe by following the safe waste disposal guidelines below:


  • If you are sick, please place ANY items that have touched your face into the garbage, including items you would usually put in the recycling (i.e. drinking containers)
  • Make sure garbage is securely contained in a bag (i.e. do not place it loosely in a can or container).
  • Ensure your garbage bag weighs 45lbs (20kgs) or less.
  • Set out ONLY what you absolutely need to.
  • If possible, please separate glass from other Blue Box recyclables and set it out in a separate recycling container of a similar size with handles (e.g. laundry basket or pail). This will reduce the items collectors must handle.


  • Place gloves or masks in with your recycling. These items should ALWAYS be treated as garbage.
  • Put your garbage in bins or cans – please only use bags to reduce the items collectors must handle.
  • Overload the garbage bags beyond the 45lbs (20kgs) weight limit. Easter

Weekend Reminder Regularly scheduled garbage collection for Friday, April 10th will be picked up on Saturday, April 11th.

Monday, April 13th regular collection will be picked up on Tuesday, April 14th. There will be no changes to the rest of the week and there are NO changes to recycling.

Boat Launches

Please note that municipally-owned boat launches in South Frontenac remain open for use at this time. We want to remind residents to practise physical distancing while utilizing these facilities, and that users must adhere to provincial orders including limiting group gatherings to 5 people or less, unless they are from the same household.

Building and Planning Applications

The Township continues to accept Building and Planning applications and payments (cheques only) while our office is closed to the public. Applications are available on our website here or here.

Applications can be submitted by placing them in the large drop box at the front door of the Township Office, 4432 George Street, Sydenham.

At this time, staff continue to check applications for completeness and undertake technical review but are unable to issue new building permits or issue decisions on planning applications requiring public meetings until the COVID 19 Provincial Emergency Order has been lifted.

Inspections for building permits that have already been issued will continue subject to the following protocols that have been put in place to protect the health and safety of the Township’s Building Inspectors and others:

  • Building Inspectors will not enter occupied buildings.
  • Inspectors will not engage in interpersonal contact at sites.
  • Prior to attending sites, staff will inquire if any persons on the site or that have been accessing the site, are exhibiting symptoms associated with the COVID-19 virus, have been exposed to a probable case of the virus, or are in self-isolation.

Seasonal Trailer Parks & Campgrounds

Seasonal trailer parks and recreational campgrounds are not listed as essential businesses and, as such, were required by the Province to close as of midnight on Saturday April 4, 2020.

Over the weekend, Minister Steve Clark provided clarification that for Ontarians whose only Canadian residence is at one of these seasonal trailer parks or campgrounds, they are permitted to continue their occupancy. Those who fall into this group must complete their mandatory self-isolation as required by the mandatory isolation order made by the federal government under the Quarantine Act which took effect on March 25, 2020.

Funeral Gatherings

Effective March 28th, 2020, as per Ontario Regulation 52/20, made under the Emergency Management and Protection Act, all funerals, visitations, celebrations and related services are to be limited to 10 or fewer people, whether they are held indoors or outdoors including on cemetery grounds. The Bereavement Authority of Ontario has also advised that a funeral, visitation or gathering being advertised must state this limitation in the advertisement, and must strictly adhere to this law.

The Township is asking funeral service providers and affected residents to ensure that all funerals taking place within its cemeteries adhere to this updated regulation by limiting attendance to 10 persons or less. If this limit is not adhered to, the OPP or other provincial enforcement officers may be asked to enforce this regulation, resulting in fines.

Township Council and Staff continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation. With guidance from KFL&A Public Health, further updates about the Township’s service delivery, facilities, and health and safety measures are available through our website, social media platforms, and our banner in the Frontenac News and other media channels.

For more information about the Township’s response to COVID-19 please visit our website. .

For ongoing COVID-19 updates and ways to best protect you and your family visit or

Please help to slow the spread – we will all get through this together.

Release: Township of South Frontenac – Sydenham, Ontario
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