Local Artist Exposes The Masks We Wear in First Solo Show

Published on: 2019/10/16 - in Releases

RELEASE — We are all performers and we are all performing, all the time. This is the theme that breakout artist Teri Wing tackles boldly and beautifully with her first solo show ‘Counterpart‘ on exhibit at Studio22 Open Gallery from October 29th to November 30th. For the moment, the emerging artist’s work is so accessibly priced that Studio22 has a challenging time keeping her work on the walls and this show is expected to sell well.

Counterpart is a new body of work that was inspired by the many faces or masks we, as human beings, wear each and every day. Whether these masks are worn for protection, disguise, performance or entertainment we wear them because we feel they help us create a “better” version of ourselves that will be more socially accepted, less judged and ultimately validated. How many of us have pretended to be strong even when our troubles have felt so big and our faith so small? Human beings are wonderful actors. Our masks help us get into character and we call on our counterpart as needed to act out the scene as the script requires.

“Common themes in the paintings are of a theatrical quality. The masks, mirrors and birds are symbols of protection, transformation, truth and self realization. I use neutral shades, soft edges, and little detail, so that the art speaks quietly and simply, welcoming and allowing you to get inside and discover what each piece means to you.”

– Teri Wing

Counterpart, which is hauntingly melancholic – yet, at the same time, unwaveringly hopeful in nature – quietly confronts the viewer with the question “Why are we so afraid to be authentic?”. The exhibit challenges the audience to examine the habitual masks we have developed for ourselves as well as hints at the ‘what if’ of letting our guard down, acknowledging our limitations, revealing our imperfections and embracing our vulnerabilities.

Teri Wing is an artist living in Gananoque, Ontario. Prior to being represented by Studio22, Wing sold her art independently from her home studio. She volunteers giving art classes at her local Center for Community Living for people with mental and physical challenges. Inspired and excited by dramatic lighting, the artist paints with oils using palette knife and flat brush as well as cold wax as a medium to add layers and textures. Wing exhibited her paintings at the Tett Centre in 2017 and was awarded first place in the Kingston School of Art Juried Show in the summer of 2018.

Counterpart is on exhibit at Studio22 from Tuesday, October 29th until Saturday, November 30th. Previews and pre-sales will take place from October 29th – 30th. *Teri Wing* will give an artist talk at the gallery that is open to the public on Thursday, November 21st at 4:30pm.

Gallery Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 10am to 6pm. For more information about the artist or the exhibition, please visit www.s22.ca.

Release | image source: Studio22