Smoke’s Poutinerie Kingston Firing Up Raptors Fans with Poutine

Published on: 2019/05/30 - in Releases

RELEASE — Smoke’s Poutinerie Kingston has what Fans are craving during the NBA Finals, the ULTIMATE Canadian game day dish – Poutine!

Canada’s basketball team is DOMINATING the globe and the world is watching! Smoke’s Poutinerie Kingston is gearing up to support the Toronto Raptors for the first ever NBA Final for Canada and be a part of NBA history in the making!

As a city with an official extension of Jurassic Park at Springer Market Square*, Smoke’s Poutinerie Kingston at (183 Division St.) will be welcoming all Toronto Raptors Fans into the restaurant and offering an ALL-DAY 15% DISCOUNT off their purchase for wearing their Raptors gear with pride. The offer will be available for each game day of the NBA Finals.

Satisfy your cravings for an NBA Championship with Smoke’s Poutinerie Kingston! Let’s Go Raptors!!!

For more information about Smoke’s Poutinerie, connect with them on Facebook or visit the company’s website.

* See also: 2019 NBA Finals to be Broadcast in Springer Market Square

Release:Smoke’s Poutinerie Kingston
Composite image: Yelp