Self-Isolation Centre Readies to Receive COVID-19 Assessment Centre Referrals

Published on: 2020/03/30 - in Releases

RELEASE — The City of Kingston is pleased to share that, through community-partner collaboration, a Kingston Self-Isolation Centre (KSIC) will be available to receive referrals from the COVID-19 Assessment Centre.

Addiction and Mental Health Services – Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox and Addington (AMHS-KFLA) is the lead agency and has taken on the responsibility to coordinate staffing and ongoing operational oversight of the Centre.

The Centre will allow residents to self-isolate and maintain a safe physical distance from others – including those who may have COVID-19 or who have symptoms and are awaiting testing.

“This has been an around-the-clock, community team effort. We are deeply grateful that Addiction and Mental Health Services – Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox and Addington (AMHS-KFLA) has stepped up to run the Centre. It will offer a space to self-isolate to those who need it during this pandemic,” says Ruth Noordegraaf, Director, Housing and Social Services.

If you suspect you have COVID-19, review information on the KFL&A Public Health website, and, if you do not find your answer, call Telehealth Ontario at 1-866-797-0000.

“Our ability to respond to the City of Kingston’s invitation to take the lead in opening a Self-Isolation Centre to support vulnerable individuals, is a great compliment to the strength of the AMHS-KFLA care team, and recognition of the diligence we take with implementing responsive and appropriate COVID-19 precautionary measures,” says Karen Berti, AMHS-KFLA, Supervisor.

”During such a challenging time for our health system and hospitals, the Centre is an emergency department diversion strategy that provides safe and appropriate supports for individuals who would not otherwise have access to a space to self-isolate or be quarantined.

“In less than one week from initiating the planning of this Centre, we will be ready to take referrals from the Public Health Unit’s COVID-19 Assessment Centre. This success is a direct reflection of the strength of our community partnerships and shared concern for the well-being of some of our most vulnerable.”

In addition to Addiction and Mental Health Services (AMHS), a number of other community partners and service providers have collaborated to help open the Self-Isolation Centre, including Kingston Health Science Centre (KHSC), KFL&A Public Health, Street Health – Kingston Community Health Centres, Kingston Fire and Police Services, United Way KFL&A, Providence Care and Frontenac Paramedics.

This specialized Centre is not a shelter and is not open to the public. The Centre will be operational in the coming days and will initially accept referrals from the COVID-19 Assessment Centre for the purpose of providing an appropriate space for individuals experiencing homelessness to reside during their self-isolation or quarantine period.

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Release: City of Kingston
Photo: DXR (cc)