Public Meetings Set to Improve Rural Waterfront Recreation

Published on: 2015/01/14 - in Releases

Want to improve recreation along the rural waterfronts of Kingston? Participate in two upcoming opportunities.

FOCUS AREA 2: Come out and give us your ideas on ways to improve rural waterfront recreation on Monday, Jan. 26, 2015 at 7 p.m. at the Fire Hall No. 3 at 211 Gore Rd. in Kingston’s east end. (map)

This public workshop will focus on the rural waterfront areas along the Rideau Canal, Colonel By Lake, River Styx, Loughborough and Collins Lake and the St. Lawrence River (east of Treasure Island).

This public session is one of a series of consultation sessions to take place in upcoming months.

Some of the waterfront parks and open spaces of interest in this focus session include: Cecil and Wilma Graham Park, Colonel By Park, Edenwood Park, Channelview Park, Grass Creek Park (pictured above), Riverwood Park, English Landing Park, Brewers Mills Locks and the Jarvis Road open space.

Participants will view conceptual plans and be asked to offer suggestions on features, improvements and access improvements to the waterfront. We want to hear if the community would like additional small craft and power boat access and can suggest potential locations for that access.

“If you have ideas on the Waterfront Master Plan, particularly relating to the rural sections of the waterfront, please come out to the session,” says Neal Unsworth, manager, parks development. “We want to hear from you.”

FOCUS AREA 1: A public workshop was held on December 18, 2014 on Focus Area 1, the Cataraqui River area from the La Salle Causeway to Kingston Mills.

If you have viewed the information and concepts from this meeting and have questions, join the online discussion at 12 p.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 14. Follow and join the online discussion at

Organized by Focus Area, the consolidated Waterfront Master Plan is expected to be ready for city-wide public review in June 2015. Watch for upcoming public sessions on these focus areas (date to be confirmed):

• Focus Area 3: Lake Ontario West (Collins Bay to Lake Ontario Park) in February
• Focus Area 4: Lake Ontario Central (Lake Ontario Park to Simcoe Street) in March
• Focus Area 5: Lake Ontario Central (Simcoe Street to La Salle Causeway) in April
• Focus Area 6: St. Lawrence River (near Fort Henry to Treasure Island) in May

For more on the Waterfront Master Plan, see:

The Waterfront Master Plan proposes to guide improvements to infrastructure and access on Kingston’s extensive waterfront for all Kingstonians and visitors.

This project supports all four pillars of the Sustainable Kingston Plan, the plan to make Kingston Canada’s most sustainable city: environmental responsibility, economic health, cultural vitality and social equity.

If you plan to travel to this event by bus, determine your best route by using the City’s Google Transit Trip Planner.

Release source: City of Kingston | Photo: Google