Rally to Support ‘Just’ Penalties for Crimes against Pets

Published on: 2014/05/23 - in Releases

A community march will take place this Sunday to draw attention to the crimes committed in our neighborhood. The march is to make the community at large aware of the brutalities against animals abused in our area.

The residents want to ensure that we not only bring forth “just” sentencing to stop these brutalities against animals but also ensure a safe environment for our children and pets. We are taking back the neighborhood!

Residents of a Collins Bay, west end neighborhood, along with supporters of the Kingston Animal Trust, will be marching this Sunday, May 25 from 2:00-4:00pm, starting from 788 Clark Crescent, off Collins Bay Road.

This is in response to a recent event where “Pip” was removed from a leash and taken from his front step on Clark Crescent and killed! A 23-year old man has been arrested and charged with killing an animal, causing unnecessary suffering to an animal and theft. Several other dead bodies of other cats and numerous skeletons have been uncovered in the same area.

The authorities are in control of legal matters, the man in question is now under house arrest under strict conditions and court proceedings are to follow.

Our efforts involve pressing for evidence-based changes to local, provincial and national laws, increasing public awareness on animal issues, and promoting individual actions that lead to improved animal welfare.


Release source: Kingston Animal Trust | Photo: Wikimedia Commons