Public Invited To Discuss Urban Forest At Open House

Published on: 2010/06/17 - in Releases

City Will Prepare A Management Plan For Its Urban Forest

The public is invited to learn about the City’s approach to managing the urban forest and to provide input on how the City should manage its urban trees in the future at an open house which will provide background on the City’s urban forest and plan development process.

The Open House is set for 7 p.m. on Tuesday, June 22 in the A/B Room at the INVISTA Centre, 1350 Gardiners Rd. Information on this project is posted online along with a Your Opinion survey at Comments will be accepted until July 6.

“It’s our job to be stewards of our natural heritage and sustain it as the city grows. The Urban Forest Management strategy will identify, address and safeguard the interests of the community and the environment as they relate to the trees that line our streets and shade our parks,” says Jim Keech, President and C.E.O. of Utilities Kingston.


First, the City has to have an accurate picture of the urban forest and the urban trees. To that end, the draft Plan will describe the City’s inventory of Kingston’s publicly-owned trees. The Tree Inventory of the City’s urban forest describes attributes such as composition, tree condition, hazard and conflict trees and canopy cover and will analyze:

  • the distribution of trees using categories such as height, diameter and species (native and non-native)
  • the distribution of trees of specific condition incorporating descriptors such as unbalanced crown, rot or cavity and weak foliage
  • the distribution of hazard and conflict trees – that is, trees that might be in a confined space, have hazardous surface roots, or be confined by overhead wires or structures.

The draft Plan will speak to inventory mapping systems, set a 25-year vision, goals, objectives and management actions and offer multi-year budget estimates to implement its recommendations.

Plan to get there by bus: