Voting Open for Landscape Pics to be Featured on City’s Website

Published on: 2012/09/12 - in Releases

Five resident-submitted photographs of “Landscapes” have now been posted for public voting on the City’s website as part of the This is Your Kingston campaign to celebrate the redesign of the City’s site.

Each month during the re-build of the website, the City is posting five at and asking the public to vote for its favourite. The chosen photograph is then featured as a “This is your Kingston” banner on the front of the site. (The City received more than 300 images during the campaign’s submission period this spring.)

The new This is your Kingston banner showcases Megan Knott’s photograph, On Guard showing the Fort Henry Guard in the parade square. This picture was the favourite in the campaign’s “Kingston Past” category, receiving 115 votes of a total 478 votes received during the past month.

In contention for this month’s “Landscape” category, are (in alphabetical order):

  • “Boardwalk on Rideau Trail” by Hilbert Buist
  • “Fall Colours” by Stacey Airhart
  • “Kingston Harbourfront” by Fred Saunders
  • “Sunrise and Time” by Julie Scott
  • “March Marsh” by Meredith Westcott 

Voting for this category closes at 4:30 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 28.

The City continues to work towards the launch of the new website in early 2013. Over the coming months, the focus shifts to technical development and the planning and preparation of information content, new features and capabilities. The City’s new website will emphasize easy navigation (on mobile devices, too), quick online access to City services, opportunities for interaction and a fresh look that highlights the vibrancy of Kingston. The design and features of the new site are benefitting from an extensive public and stakeholder consultation process.


Release source: City of Kingston | Photo: Doug Kerr