Ontario University Athletics ‘Pauses’ Competition in January

Published on: 2021/12/17 - in Releases

RELEASE — With the safety of its student-athletes and that of the staff and supporters at each member institution, the OUA Board of Directors has announced a delayed restart to the OUA schedule in January. The Board announced Friday that all sanctioned competition scheduled prior to 24 January, 2022 will be put on pause.

Without games in the first few weeks of the New Year, the OUA hopes each school will have a better idea of the COVID-19 situation in their community and on their campuses, which will empower everyone to create the safest plans to return to sport as the semester progresses.

While all regular season, post-season, and exhibition competition has been put on pause, teams will be permitted to train, if local health guidelines and school policies allow it.

Darren Cates, RMC Director of Athletics and a member of the OUA Board of Directors, said the decision was not made lightly.

“We all know the benefits sport can offer, both individually and as a community,” he said. “But in the current COVID environment, we need to be adaptable. While this is not an easy decision, we are making the right decision now for the safety of everyone involved in OUA sport, so that we can have a chance to finish our 2021-22 seasons.”

The decision affects multiple events for the Paladins, whose first game of 2022 was set to take place against Queen’s on 7 January in men’s hockey. Consult the list below to see all of RMC’s affected events:

  • 7 January: Men’s hockey vs Queen’s
  • 13 January: Men’s hockey vs Ontario Tech
  • 21 January: Men’s hockey vs Queen’s
  • 22 January: Women’s and men’s volleyball vs Nipissing
  • 22-23 January: Fencing at OUA Men’s Fencing Championship
  • 23 January: Women’s and men’s volleyball vs Nipissing
  • 23 January: Men’s hockey vs Ontario Tech

The regular season games affected will not be played at a later date, but all OUA Championships affected will be rescheduled.

The RMC Paladins will work with the OUA, fellow universities, and public health officials in the coming days and weeks in the hope of resuming the season after 24 January.

RMC’s competitive clubs will likewise not be permitted to compete at any events before 24 January.

Release | image: RMC.ca