Ontario Greens’ Zachary Typhair Nominated First-Ever Gen-Z Candidate in Kingston and the Islands

Published on: 2021/11/19 - in Releases

RELEASE — Ontario Greens are proud to announce that Zachary Typhair has been nominated as its candidate for the Kingston and the Islands riding ahead of the 2022 Provincial election.

At 21 years of age, Typhair is the first-ever Gen-Z candidate in the riding from any party.

“Youth are on the frontlines of the climate crisis,” Typhair said. “And we need to have our voices heard. It’s our future that’s on the line.”

“My generation is frustrated with the half measures and inaction on climate from the legacy parties. It’s time for real climate action. And the Ontario Greens are the only party with a real plan for real action.”

Typhair’s experience as a minimum wage worker during the COVID-19 pandemic reinforced his view that his generation needs to be heard.

“Not only are the youth of Ontario faced with the perils of climate change, but they must also contend with the tremendous inequity growing between the haves and have-nots.”

Typhair hopes his candidacy acts as a call to all young people to seek a better, greener and more caring future for Ontario — a future he believes will be led by *Generation-Green*.

“It’s incredible to have such a passionate voice representing the Ontario Greens in Kingston and the Islands,” said *Mike Schreiner*, Leader of the Ontario Greens. “As we work to address the climate emergency, it’s crucial that we give a platform for the younger generations to lead and for their voices to be heard. And Ontario Greens are committed to doing just that.”

Typhair previously served in multiple roles over the past three years with the Ontario Greens’ Kingston and the Islands constituency association, including as Vice President, Communications Director and Youth Representative.

Release | image: Green Party of Ontario