Queen’s Profs Create New Physical Activity Guidelines

Published on: 2011/01/28 - in Releases

New physical activity guidelines for children and youth recommend at least 60 minutes of moderate- to vigorous-intensity physical activity daily including aerobic and resistance activities like swimming, running, skipping and bike riding.

“Being active for at least 60 minutes daily can improve a child’s health, help them do better in school, and make them feel happier,” says kinesiology and health studies professor Ian Janssen, whose research underpins the new guidelines for children and youth.

The new guidelines released recently by the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology show that only nine per cent of boys and four per cent of girls in Canada are currently reaching these minimum targets.

“The greater the variety, intensity and duration of the physical activity, the greater the health benefit. More really is better,” says Amy Latimer (Kinesiology and Health Studies), one of the study’s co-authors.

The guidelines further recommend that adults (aged 18-64 years) and older adults (aged 65 and older) should aim for a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate- to vigorous-intensity exercise each week.

Materials and information with ideas for how Canadians can motivate themselves and their families to reach these targets will be available to support the guidelines.


Release source: Queen’s University | Photo source: Wikipedia