Kingston Mayor and Queen’s Principal Congratulate Ontario Liberals

Published on: 2014/06/13 - in Releases

Mayor Mark Gerretsen and Queen’s University Principal Daniel Woolf have released statements congratulating Premier Kathleen Wynne and Liberal MPP Sophie Kiwala for their wins in last night’s provincial election, as well as thanking all the local candidates who ran to represent Kingston.

Mayor’s Statement on 2014 Provincial Election:

Last night Premier Kathleen Wynne was elected by Ontarians to form a majority government. Locally, I want to congratulate Sophie Kiwala as our new Member of Provincial Parliament for Kingston and The Islands.

I also want to congratulate all the candidates who ran provincially to represent our great city – Mary Rita Holland of the NDP, Mark Bain of the PC’s, Robert Kiley of the Green Party and Jonathan Reid of the Freedom Party.

The City of Kingston has a strong working relationship with the Province of Ontario and we look forward to advancing our priorities on infrastructure spending, investments in affordable housing and social services.

The following is a statement from Principal Daniel Woolf:

I wish to congratulate Sophie Kiwala on her election as the new member of provincial parliament for Kingston and the Islands. I look forward to working with her on issues that affect Queen’s, our students, our community, and the post-secondary education sector in Ontario.

I would also like to congratulate Queen’s alumna, Premier Kathleen Wynne, on her re-election. I look forward to continuing to work with her on the important issues facing the post-secondary sector, including maintaining education quality, addressing budget constraints, and our ongoing pension challenges.

I thank all of the candidates who put their names forward in this election. 

Release sources: City of Kingston and Queen’s University News Centre