City Website Seeks Your Vote on Resident Submitted Photos

Published on: 2012/06/05 - in Releases

Five resident-submitted photographs of “Buildings and Architecture” have now been posted for public voting on the City’s website. The voting site is linked to the front page “This is your Kingston” banner which features a beautiful image of Belle Park submitted by Hilbert Buist.

The hard work of reorganizing information for the new City of Kingston website – due to be ready for action early in 2013 – is beginning and is a process that will take a number of months.

In the meantime, the City’s current website will be beautified with photographs submitted by more than 300 Kingstonians who answered the call to “Show us YOUR Kingston” by offering up their personal perspectives of our city in several categories.

“We didn’t want to wait to make the site more visually appealing. We are delighted to be able to share these loving images of Kingston well ahead of the new site being ready,” says David Johnston, Chief Information Officer.

Each month during the re-build of the website, the City will post five submitted photos at and ask the public to vote for its favourite. The chosen photograph will then be featured as a “This is YOUR Kingston” banner just like Hilbert Buist’s.

In contention for the “Buildings and Architecture” category, are (in alphabetical order):

  • “On the steps of City Hall,” by Elizabeth Agostino
  • “Royal Military College of Canada,” by Krystal Dale
  • “Slanted Shed,” by Michelle Egan
  • “Fort Henry,” by Susan Elliott
  • “Narrow Walkway,” by Meggan Greyling

Voting for this category closes at 4:30 p.m. on Friday, June 29.

The City’s new website design emphasizes easy navigation (on mobile devices, too), quick online access to City services, opportunities for interaction and a fresh look that highlights the vibrancy of Kingston. The design is benefiting from an extensive public and stakeholder consultation process. This is the first redesign of the site in more than a decade.


Release : City of Kingston | Composition image Wikimedia Commons sources: iPad | Kingston City Hall