Kingston Transit Now Permits Pets on Buses

Published on: 2022/05/02 - in Releases

RELEASE — Kingston Transit will now permit family pets on all buses. Pets must be in locked carriers and transported in carriers designed for the transportation of animals with a maximum size of 28 in L x 20.5 in W x 21.5 in H (71 cm L x 52 cm W x 54.5 cm H). Pets in cardboard boxes or cloth bags will not be permitted on board.

“Before today, some passengers were unable to take important trips with their pets,” says Jeremy DaCosta, Director of Kingston Transit. “This will allow riders an economical travel option to take their pets to places such as the vet or grooming services.”

Passengers bringing their pets on board must always keep the carrier with them. The carrier can be placed on the rider’s lap, under a seat or between a standing rider’s legs. The carrier must not occupy a seat and must be kept clear of the aisle and doors. Pets must be well behaved while on board.

Passengers living with disabilities using service animals (or a person training a service animal) will continue to access Kingston Transit in the same manner. Service animals are not required to be transported in animal carriers. A service animal is on duty when being used for reasons related to a person’s disability.

Release: City of Kingston
Photo: Wikimedia Commons (cc)