Kingston Police Report Multiple Cases of Sexual Extortion

Published on: 2017/11/09 - in Releases

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Kingston Police posted the following alert today, informing the community of multiple reports of sexual extortion that have occurred locally in recent days:

Over the past two weeks Kingston police have received five complaints in regards to online sexual extortion.

Male victims are contacted through social media by a suspect posing as a female. The suspect befriends the victim and persuades him to send pictures or videos involving nudity and sexual acts. The suspect then threatens to send the pictures/video to everyone on the victims friend list if he does not pay anywhere from $500 to $1000.

Police would like to remind the public that once you share pictures/videos they are out of your control. There is no way to limit who they are shared with or who will see them. Family, friends, co-workers and even present or future educational institutions or employers may end up viewing them.

Also, remember that once a picture/video is available online, it will most likely be around forever. Finally, it is important to note that digital pictures often contain Geotags which provide the exact location it was taken.

Police recommend that you do not send any pictures/video to anyone that you would not want public. If you are a victim of extortion do not send money as this will only result in on-going demands for further payments.

If you are a victim, record any information you can including a user ID (not just the user name) and then report the incident online at the Online Police Reporting System or by calling 613-549-4660.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons (cc)