There’s Still Time to Check Out These Works of Art Entombed in Ice

Published on: 2017/02/14 - in Releases

Froid'Art Kingston

“Froid’Art” is a free public art exhibit that embraces the city’s sense of community and began on January 27 at Martello Alley (203 Wellington Street), running until the ice melts.

As of this past weekend, 16 of the original 20 art pieces are still intact for you to enjoy. Check them out!

“What do you imagine the world would look like without art?”

This question was asked of a group of kids aged 5 to 13.

Here are some of the responses. “There would be no colours”, “It would be *soooo* boring“, “The world would be ugly“, and “There would be nothing fun to look at“.

Looking back, their answers sounded an awful lot like a typical Canadian urban winter!

It is hard to embrace our wintery climate without the elements of colour, diversity and some plain old fun. Let’s face it, once those holiday decorations and lights come down, this time of year can be pretty depressing.

Don’t give in to those negative feelings!

David Dossett and the artists of Martello Alley launched “Froid’Art” again for the third winter. While it’s not a trip to the southern climates, it sure is a colourful and cheerful escape from the monotone landscapes of the wintery city life.

The concept of Froid’Art is having local artists create beautiful works of art on large pieces of plastic that are then frozen into 300 pound blocks of crystal clear ice.

Each block is illuminated for a stunning night effect. Some of the art is painted with special paint that glows in the dark.

Froid' Art

It will give chills, but only the good kind!

Martello Alley is dedicated to promoting our downtown community and Froid’ Art is just one way we strive to keep the area and merchants vibrant.

We work with other downtown businesses and homeowners to sponsor the art. Everyone who participates has an art ice block placed in front of their business or house. Then we create a walking/driving tour (maps will be available online and at Martello Alley) so that the public can get out and visit the art, discover a new neighbourhood, discover some of Kingston’s amazing architecture, meet some new friends, find a business and forget about the answer to the double Jeopardy question!

So make that thermos of hot chocolate, grab your woollies and some friends and see what fun the winter can be when you just add art!

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Release source and Photos: David Dossett, Martello Alley