Kingston Airport Invites Public Feedback on Expansion Designs

Published on: 2013/02/19 - in Releases

Design concepts for the expansion of Kingston  (Norman Rogers) Airport will be presented for public input at a public meeting at 7 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 25 at the Royal Canadian Air Force Association, 200 Hampton Gray Gate at the corner of Len Birchall Way (map).

“Those who live near the airport will be especially interested in these concepts. We really want them to see these concepts and offer their feedback so that we can develop the best plan possible for this expansion,” says David Snow, Manager of Kingston Airport.

Developed by the City with help from MMM Group consultants, the following will be presented at the meeting:

  • a Terminal expansion design concept including architectural renderings
  • a runway expansion design concept
  • noise exposure forecasts to the year 2026
  • approach lighting concepts for the expanded runway City staff will incorporate any major themes or concerns expressed by the public at the meeting into its report to Council.

The concepts and plans will be posted at of the report goes to Council.

These concepts will add further detail to the proposal to expand of Kingston (Norman Rogers) Airport — one of the priority projects to maintain and enhance infrastructure outlined in the City’s 2011-2014 Corporate Strategic Plan. Council is expected to make a final decision on the capital project later this year.


Release source: City of Kingston | Photo: Wikimedia Commons