Fundraising Concert for Joe’s M.I.L.L. at The Mansion

Published on: 2012/11/16 - in Releases

“A Joe Show”, a fundraising concert for Joe’s M.I.L.L., takes place on Saturday, November 17 at The Mansion (506 Princess Street, Kingston).

Join us to celebrate Joe Chithalen’s birthday with Bloom, Pat Temple, Linda Lawrance Blues Band, and Chris Morris.

Doors open at 9 PM, this is a 19+ event. Tickets are $10 and on sale at The Mansion, Brian’s Record Option and Joe’s M.I.L.L. (559 Bagot Street, entrance off Corrigan Street).

Bloom – In the 90s, it was hard to go to any club in Kingston and not hear Bloom playing. Fronted by bass player Joe Chithalen and keyboardist Spencer Evans, Bloom was a solid funk band playing originals and covers by Sly & The Family Stone, James Brown, Curtis Mayfield, The Meters and more.

Although Joe Chithalen has passed on, his friends and band mates have carried on the funkadelic dream with Zak Colbert on bass. A killer horn section (Bunny Stewart on sax, Benji Perosin on trumpet), an automatic booty-movin’ rhythm section (Cristos Smyrnios on drums, Colbert), brilliant guitar (Jay Euringer) and the occasional Goat Boy (Evans), Bloom is serious boogie music … can ya dig it?

Pat Temple’s lyrics and music combine an eclectic mix of stories and travel logs. His travels have taken him to England, Ireland, France, Spain, and the United States, building a steady following as he travels. Having performed many of Canada’s music festivals, Pat Temple has become a mainstay in the Canadian art scene.

He has performed in venues such as: Massey Hall, The National Art Gallery and Ontario Place Forum. he is a poet and composer with thirty years of performing experience under his belt. This has helped him to develop an impressive and unique body of work. His compelling voice adds colour and meaning to his lyrics. His songs embrace the collective unconscious. They are the kind of songs that you want to stay up late with. Each of Pat’s songs contains a short novel’s worth of ideas and the musical styles are truly diverse. They are not to be listened to. They are to be experienced!

Linda Lawrance is well known around Kingston for her love of blues, jazz and gospel music. When performing her own music, Linda likes to highlight the songs of her favourite female vocalists such as Koko Taylor, Nina Simone, Dinah Washington, and Mavis Staples, among others.

Linda will be performing with an all-star Kingston band comprised of Kevin Head on guitar, Mike Sakell on drums, Zak Colbert on drums, Derrick Claridge on keys and Danielle Lennon on violin. As founding member of the band Bucket back in the 90’s, Linda was honoured to play with Joe Chithalen. Joe was a close friend, and so this show has special importance for Linda and her band members.

Chris Morris is a folk-singer based in Kingston, Ontario. His music and performances encompass folk and other traditional genres from the Delta to Dylan, the plantations to the Appalachians, the Mississippi to the Great Lakes. Folk, blues, roots, alt-country, bluegrass, spirituals – it’s all blended together and performed with a captivating energy that will take you along the same versatile ride – feeling great, feeling bad, feeling hopeful, doubting it all.

The Joe Chithalen Musical Instrument Lending Library (Joe’s M.I.L.L.) is a registered charity operating in Kingston at 559 Bagot Street. Joe’s M.I.L.L. currently has over 450 items available to borrow and enjoy, including guitars, keyboards, drums, horns, violins, percussion, exotic instruments, and much more – and just like a regular library, it’s all free! Our lending and teaching programs sustain music appreciation, knowledge, community enrichment and provide opportunities for youth and adults to meet their full potential.


Release source: Chris Morris Music |  Photo: Wikimedia Commons