Feasting Together: Learn How to Make Squash and Apple Soup

Published on: 2022/04/13 - in Releases

RELEASE — Curve Lake First Nation cook Janice McCue is back with the Kingston Frontenac Public Library, showing how to make another tasty, healthy dish for Feasting Together fans. Feasting Together is a series that brings Indigenous cooking instruction directly to you, with online instruction.

“Janice has been showcasing various Indigenous dishes over the last few months and the community has learned a lot. Cooking knowledge is so essential to passing culture forward,” said Jake Miller, Librarian, Adult Programming. “We hope to have Janice and other fellow cooks continue these efforts. Next up, squash and apple soup!”

Squash was and still is an important ingredient in cooking for many Indigenous Peoples, as one of the oldest cultivated foods in North America. In Canada, apples were first cultivated by French settlers. Put the two together, add some key ingredients like maple syrup and sumac, and you have delicious squash and apple soup.

Take the opportunity to interact with McCue in real time as she makes this hearty dish. Ingredients are listed on KFPL’s program event page, which is also where interested participants can register. Alternatively, registrants can call 613-549-8888.