City Council Approves 2012 Operating and Capital Budgets

Published on: 2011/12/22 - in Releases

City Council has approved the 2012 operating and capital budgets.

The 2012 municipal operating budget, amounting to just under $301 million, represents a tax increase of 3.5 per cent, accounting for inflation estimated at 2.0 per cent, incremental capital investment of one per cent and service changes of 0.5 per cent.

The municipal capital budget, which reflects project estimates for a variety of capital work spanning the scope of municipal operations, is just over $47 million.

“I am pleased with the results of City Council’s budget approval process,” said Mayor Mark Gerretsen.  “City staff and our external agencies worked diligently to present lean yet responsible budgets for our review. I know that our citizens will receive good value for their tax dollars.”

The budgets support the realization of the six priorities outlined in the City’s 2011-2014 Strategic Plan (

– Maintaining and enhancing infrastructure;
– Enabling economic development;
– Rejuvenating Brownfields;
– Facilitating affordable housing;
– Creating and protecting green spaces; and
– Developing proactive community plans.

“The Kingston Strategic Plan, which sets out Council’s priorities for its term, and the parameters provided by Council for tax increase limits, has been critical in providing corporate direction for the 2012 budgets,” says Gerard Hunt, Chief Administrative Officer.  He notes that in developing their budgets City staff  focused on delivering high-quality customer service in the most cost-effective manner.


Release source: City of Kingston | Photo: Marcus Jeffrey