New Children’s Aid Society Plan is Biggest Strategic Change in 125 years

Published on: 2019/10/18 - in Releases

Please read the following announcement from Family and Children’s Services of Frontenac, Lennox and Addington:

RELEASE — We’re making the biggest strategic change in 125 years of service to the community. Our Children’s Aid Society is introducing a new Vision and Strategic Plan that puts family, culture and community at the centre of its work.

“We’re refocussing our work so that we see every child in the context of their connections to family, culture and community,” said Interim Executive Director Sonia Gentile. “This is a major shift in how we will work with kids, families, partners and the community.”

The Agency’s primary goal is to keep families in crisis together. If that’s not possible the Agency will turn first to extended family for help. Foster care will always be a last resort and temporary as staff search for permanency and connection to family.

If a child must be permanently separated from their family, then the Agency will find them a permanent home and family through adoption. The Agency commits to preserve and promote the culture and community of the child’s family.

“We’ve learned some hard lessons in the last 125 years about culture and community. For example, the number of indigenous children in care is disproportionally high. Our Vision puts a child’s culture and community first, so that the children we serve will know where they come from and who they are connected to,” said Gentile.

The Vision and Strategic Plan commits the Agency to treat all people with respect, to welcome diversity, ensure equity and promote inclusivity. It also makes a commitment to be guided by Indigenous peoples and other communities on Reconciliation.

Rolling out now, the new Vision and Strategic Plan is expected take time to implement. Gentile says the Agency is asking the public for help in making it a reality.

“If we work together, we can make a meaningful difference. For kids and families. For our community. That’s why we need people like you to know, understand and advocate for the people we serve.”

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Release source: Family and Children’s Services FL&A