City Posts Background Reports on Former Kingston Pen and Olympic Harbour Sites

Published on: 2017/06/20 - in Releases

Kingston Pen and Olympic Harbour
RELEASE — Background reports about the visioning project for the former Kingston Penitentiary and Portsmouth Olympic Harbour sites are now available at

They include:

– The Draft Executive Summary of the Recommendations Report – this summary offers an overview of the development of the recommended vision, community engagement efforts and recommendations to move the project forward.
–  Opportunities and Constraints Report – this report offers an evaluation of the heritage status of the sites and a heritage strategy based on the recommended vision.
–  Questions and answers from the June 1 workshop.

The draft executive summary and the opportunities and constraints report will be used in the final recommendations set to be presented to City council on July 11.

The recommended vision for the former Kingston Penitentiary and Portsmouth Olympic Harbour sites was developed following a series of consultations in 2016 and was the subject of the design sessions and public open house at the February 2017 workshop.

These consultations were facilitated by The Planning Partnership, the consulting team hired by Canada Lands Company and the City of Kingston to develop the vision.

Find out more about the project at

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