Storm Watch: Wintry Weather Could Bring Basement Flooding and Power Outages

Published on: 2022/02/16 - in Releases

RELEASE — A strong storm system is forecast to bring a messy mix of wintry weather beginning this evening, including heavy rain, melting snow, freezing rain and ice pellets, as well as snow that is heavy at times. In preparation, Utilities Kingston is urging residents to take steps to protect their properties and know who to call in case of a power outage.

Be prepared for power outages and downed powerlines

The storm brings an increased risk of power outages, while heavy snow and ice can bring down powerlines.

Kingston is served by three electricity providers. Know who to call in your area by reviewing Utilities Kingston’s electricity providers map or checking your electricity bill. Utilities Kingston provides electricity services in Central Kingston, Barriefield Village and CFB Kingston.

In case of a downed powerline, stay at least the length of a school bus away and call 9-1-1.

Every basement is at risk of flooding

During heavy rainfalls and rapid snow melt, every basement is at risk of flooding – even if it’s never happened before. Ensure rainwater drains away from your foundation and consider the following tips to protect your property:

  • Remove high-value items out of your basement and store other items in watertight containers.
  • Check your sump pump for proper operation. If your sump pump drains to the surface, the discharge point may be buried under snow, ice and debris. Uncover it and clear a path so the water drains away from your foundation.
  • Ensure your downspouts are clear of snow, ice and debris so water routes safely away.
  • We appreciate good neighbours who can clear catch basins on their street, which may be covered in snow, ice and debris.
  • Know what to do if your basement has flooded, with information from the Utilities Kingston website

For more details on these tips, visit

For 24-hour emergency assistance with a sanitary sewer flood in your home, call Utilities Kingston at 613-546-1181. Utilities Kingston will check the sanitary sewer collection system, ensure it’s working properly, and correct any issues they may find.

Keep utility equipment cleared of snow and ice

Keep exhaust vents and outdoor utility equipment clear of snow and ice, and learn about the dangers of the ‘silent killer’ carbon monoxide from Utilities Kingston’s Winter Safety page.

Get more tips at

For 24-hour emergency assistance in the Utilities Kingston service area, call 613-546-1181.

Photo (cropped): Bodelia (cc)
Release: Utilities Kingston via City of Kingston