Shape the City of Kingston’s next Multi-Year Accessibility Plan

Published on: 2022/03/07 - in Releases

RELEASE — The City of Kingston is committed to creating, improving, and fostering inclusive environments. Help the City advance this important work by submitting your ideas and feedback on the next Multi-Year Accessibility Plan.

Reviewed and updated every five years, the Multi-Year Accessibility Plan outlines steps the City will take to prevent and remove barriers to accessibility.

Kingston introduced its first multi-year plan in 2013, and a revised plan in 2018. The plan currently being developed will extend from 2023 to 2025.

“In order for a city to be a community, you need to create inclusive spaces that foster belonging. You can’t feel like you belong in a place where there are barriers,” says Janet Jaynes, Deputy Clerk and project lead on the plan update.

Historically, barriers were viewed as physical impediments that prevented equal access to buildings. Today, people recognize (and the plan reflects) barriers also exist in communication, behavior (attitudinal), technology and systems.

“It’s our sincere hope that community members will invest in this work by reviewing the plan and submitting ideas to help advance accessibility in Kingston,” adds Jaynes.

Every municipality is required to have an accessibility plan, in accordance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act. The plan applies to city spaces, facilities, service and programs. It is not applicable to privately owned businesses. And it is developed through extensive interviews with City staff, members of the City’s Municipal Accessibility Advisory Committee and other interested parties near to the plan and its implementation.

Get Involved in this essential work

1. Offer feedback at
2. Request an alternate format of any communications and public engagement documents by calling 613-546-0000 or emailing
3. Offer your feedback by mail. Call 613-546-0000 to request a postage paid and pre-addressed envelope.
4. Offer feedback by phone by calling 613-546-0000 and speak to a Customer Experience Agent.

“By creating more inclusive environments, we hope that everyone who sees and experiences the associated benefits will make positive change in their own workplace or neighbourhood,” says Jaynes.

Release: City of Kingston
Photo: Preeteesh Singh (cc)