2019 Development Charge Background Study and Bylaw Available for Review

Published on: 2019/06/18 - in Releases

RELEASE — The 2019 Development Charge Background Study and Bylaw is now available for public review. The 2019 Background Study and Bylaw have been prepared by Watson & Associates Economists Ltd. in consultation with a staff Steering Committee and a Focus Group comprised of members of the local development community and economic development agency.

The Background Study, prepared in accordance with the requirements of the Development Charges Act, outlines the Background Study process and the current and proposed development charge. The new Bylaw will consolidate all growth-related charges into a single bylaw.

Find it under “Related Documents” on the 2019 Development Charge Background Study project page .

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The Background Study must be made available to the public at least 60 days before the new Development Charge Bylaw is passed. The Background Study is available on the City’s website and copies are available at the clerks department on the first floor of City Hall from George Wallace, senior special projects manager.

The City currently collects development-related charges (Development Charge and Impost Fee) when a building permit is issued. Such charges help support the creation of infrastructure required by future development. The existing rates and rules were established on the basis of the 2014 Development Charge and Impost Fee Background Study.

To continue imposing a Development Charge after the expiry of the current Bylaw (in September), the City has prepared a new Background Study to support the new Development Charge and a new Bylaw, as required by the Development Charges Act.

All public comments will be considered and the Background Study may be revised. The Background Study and Bylaw will be considered by council at a statutory public meeting on July 9, 2019.

Comments on the 2019 Background Study may be sent in writing to George Wallace, senior special projects manager, 216 Ontario St., Kingston, Ontario, K7L 2Z3 or by email to gwallace@cityofkingston.ca.

Release source: City of Kingston
Photo: Wikimedia Commons