Zellers Announces Diner Truck Throwback Event and Poll to Pick the Menu

Published on: 2023/01/28 - in News

Zellers is bringing back a taste of nostalgia for customers with the launch of a food truck experience featuring the beloved delicacies of the Zellers Family Restaurant.

As the country prepares for the return of the Zellers experience within select Hudson’s Bay stores, including here in Kingston, the retailer has listened to the demand for the return of the restaurant. Although an in-store diner is not possible in the limited footprint of the new stores, Zellers is instead bringing the diner to customers with a fleet of food trucks set to appear in various locations.

Starting today, Zellers has launched an Instagram poll at @zellersofficial (or its direct link here)asking customers to vote on their favorite menu items from the original restaurant, including the Big Z Burger, Fries and Gravy, Hot Chicken Sandwich, Grilled Cheese Sandwich, and more. The top five items will make the cut and be featured on the food truck menu.

The food truck will make its first appearances at the store locations when they open this spring, and if customers embrace the comeback, the Zellers Diner on wheels will gear up for a cross-Canada tour, with tour dates and locations to be announced at a later date.

In addition to the food truck experience, customers from coast to coast will also have access to the Zellers experience through the newly launched Zellers.ca.

The Zellers Diner Menu Items in the National poll:

1. Big Z Burger
2. Fries and Gravy
3. Hot Chicken Sandwich
4. Grilled Cheese Sandwich
5. Onion Rings
6. Quesadilla
7. Poutine
8. Hot Dog
9. Chicken Fingers
10. Veggie Burger

Photo: HBC Corporate Collection (colorized from original B&W)