Author Jean Rae Baxter to Host Memoir Writing Workshop for Seniors

Published on: 2023/02/28 - in News

Author and writing instructor Jean Rae Baxter is set to host a writing workshop series for seniors in Sunbury, Ontario – just 20 minutes north of Kingston.

Titled “Telling Your Story: Seniors’ Writing Workshop Series,” the program aims to help participants craft compelling memoirs or tell family stories that will captivate future generations. The workshop will run for five sessions, every Tuesday from 2 until 4 p.m., starting March 21 and ending April 18. It will be held at the Storrington Centre located at 3910 Battersea Road.

During the workshop, Baxter will guide participants through the tools commonly used in fiction writing to create engaging and emotionally impactful memoirs.

According to Anne Hall, the Local History and Heritage Librarian, “The memories we hold become more precious the older we get, and the story of one’s life is a wonderful gift to give.” She added that the workshop is an opportunity for seniors to learn how to tell their stories while building community and socializing.

To ensure that the participants will get the most out of the program, they are required to attend all five sessions and commit to spending two to three hours each week on homework assignments. The workshop will emphasize learning through writing, and as such, it’s important for all attendees to come prepared to write.

Space for the workshop is limited to 23 participants, and writing pads will be provided for those who prefer paper. However, participants are also welcome to bring their laptop or tablet if they prefer electronic devices.

Registration for the program opens for registrations on Saturday, March 11, and enrolment is limited to 23 participants. Anyone interested in attending can register online or call (613) 549-8888.

This workshop provides an excellent opportunity for seniors to share their stories and learn how to write compelling memoirs. With Jean Rae Baxter leading the sessions, participants can expect to be guided by an accomplished author and writing instructor, who has a wealth of experience in the craft of writing.

Image (submitted): Kingston Frontenac Public Library