City Offers Winter Waste Set-out Guidelines

Published on: 2023/01/31 - in News

Winter weather can make it challenging for household waste collectors to collect waste, due to snowbanks and other obstacles. To help prevent injury and ensure safe and efficient collection, residents are encouraged to follow certain guidelines when setting out their waste.

When placing waste items at the end of a driveway or walkway, residents should choose a safe, visible, ground-level location and place items on the right side, facing the street. It’s also important to keep a path from the road to the waste items clear of snow and ice.

In cases where snowbanks are particularly large, residents are asked to shovel a ground-level shelf in the street side of the snowbank for their waste items. Waste items should never be placed on top of snowbanks, as this makes collection difficult and hazardous.

To improve visibility and help ensure safe and efficient collection, residents are also advised against using white garbage bags. By following these simple guidelines, residents can help their waste collectors work safely and effectively during the winter months.

Image: Screencap – City of Kingston video