City Issues Winter Waste Collection Guidelines for Safety

Published on: 2024/01/17 - in News

As winter conditions pose challenges for waste collection, residents are encouraged to follow specific guidelines to ensure the safety of collectors and the visibility of waste items. Snowbanks and icy weather conditions can make it difficult for collectors to access and remove household waste.

The City emphasizes the importance of maintaining a clear path from the road to waste items, urging residents to remove any snow or ice that may impede access. Waste items, including garbage, recycling boxes, and green bins, should be placed in a safe and visible location at the ground level, either at the end of the driveway or walkway. It is recommended to position these items on the right side (facing the street) or on the boulevard closest to the curb. To enhance visibility, residents are advised against using white garbage bags.

In cases where large snowbanks are present, the City suggests shoveling a ground-level “shelf” on the street side of the snowbank to place waste items. It is important to avoid placing waste on top of snowbanks, as this can create difficult and hazardous conditions for collectors.

To assist residents, the City has released a ‘Winter Waste Placement‘ video (below), which provides a visual guide on how to set out waste correctly during the winter months. This two minute video provides quick and valuable information to protect collectors and ensure efficient waste collection.

Image: ai