Wildflowers to be Planted Along Sir John A. as Part of Pilot Project

Published on: 2021/05/18 - in News

The City of Kingston reports it has started planting wildflower seeds along the side of Sir John A. Macdonald Boulevard between Princess Street and Glengarry Road.

This pilot project was originally scheduled to take place in 2020 but delayed due to the pandemic. It will continue over a period of years with the potential to expand to other areas around the city. Along with beautifying the street, the planting will also support endangered species of pollinators including bees and butterflies.

“We are using a perennial seed mix, which includes native wildflowers and grasses and is roadside salt tolerant,” said Troy Stubinski, Operations Manager, Public Works. “Once seeded, we will monitor the area for growth and, if needed, will complete isolated reseeding.”

Signage will be installed in the boulevard area by City staff to indicate that wildflowers are growing. The area will not be cut or mowed to support the growth, which are expected to mature and bloom in the second and third years of growth.

Council directed staff explore the potential of wildflower verges in a July 9, 2019 motion) and to report back by Q2 2020 with recommendations to facilitate a pilot project.

A Report to Council was approved to endorse the pilot on March 24, 2020 and staff mandated to prepare the designated areas to plant, seed, maintain and monitor the wildflowers.

Image: Google