Cataraqui Conservation Issues Water Safety Statement for Inland Lakes and Streams

Published on: 2024/07/09 - in News

Cataraqui Conservation has issued a Watershed Conditions Statement – Water Safety in anticipation of heavy rainfall on July 10-11, resulting from the remnants of Hurricane Beryl. Residents and visitors in the Cataraqui Region are advised to exercise caution around water bodies during this period.

The remnants of Hurricane Beryl are expected to reach the Lower Great Lakes, with forecasts predicting rainfall between 25 and 75 mm over the two days. The majority of the precipitation is expected on July 10, with rainfall rates potentially reaching 20-40 mm per hour.

Certain streams may experience rapid rises, especially if higher rainfall amounts occur. Localized inundation is possible in low-lying, poorly drained, and urbanized areas. Water Managers may increase discharge through water control structures at dams on managed lakes to manage excess flows and minimize negative impacts.

Cataraqui Conservation urges the public to exercise caution, particularly around all dams, fast-flowing watercourses, and stormwater ponds. It is important to heed all warning signs, avoid booms, buoys, and barriers, and stay well back from the water’s edge near dams and hydroelectric stations. Creek banks and lakeshores may be slippery, increasing the risk of falling.

Although widespread flooding is not expected, localized inundation of low-lying and poorly drained areas remains a possibility. In cases of observed flooding or need for assistance, local municipalities should be contacted first.

Cataraqui Conservation staff will continue to monitor conditions and forecasts, providing updates as necessary. This Watershed Conditions Statement will remain in effect until 11:59 PM on Friday, July 12, 2024, unless updated earlier.

For current flooding information, visit the flood forecasting and information page at Cataraqui Conservation Flood Information.

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