City Offers Winter Waste Set-Out Guidelines

Published on: 2021/01/05 - in News

The City of Kingston has released some guidelines to help protect waste collectors thgroughout the winter months when snowbanks and the weather make collecting household waste more challenging.

In addition to ensuring your garbage, recycling boxes and Green Bins where they can be clearly seen and safely collected, follow the below guidelines and review the attached video.

  • Keep a path from the road to your collectibles clear of snow and ice.
  • Choose a safe and visible ground-level location on the right side at the end of your driveway or walkway (as you face the street), or on the boulevard closest to the curb.
  • Shovel a ground-level “shelf” in the street side of the snowbank to place your collectibles when there are large snowbanks, as simply putting them on top of snowbanks makes them more risky to collect.

Image: Screencap – City of Kingston video