Update Issued for Sydenham Point Park Beach

Published on: 2024/06/27 - in News

According to media release, the left side of The Point Beach, located at 4410 Point Road in Sydenham, has been determined to be unsafe for swimming by KFL&A Public Health due to elevated levels of E.coli in the water. The right side of the beach, near the water plant, remains open for swimming as water quality levels are within acceptable thresholds.

June 28 UPDATE: South Frontenac communications reports “We’ve received updated test results from KFL&A Public Health for Sydenham Point Park Beach. The results indicate all areas of the beach are safe for swimming again as of 1 pm on Friday, June 28, 2024.”

Signs have been posted advising residents not to enter the water at the left side of the beach, near the boat docks. Daily testing is being conducted by KFL&A Public Health on business days, and it is anticipated that the right side of the beach will remain open for the Canada Day weekend. Day camps and swimming lessons run by the Township will continue as planned, and parents will receive updates on the status.

High levels of bacteria in the water can be caused by various factors, including heavy rainfall, high winds, warm temperatures, algae, and contamination by wildlife feces.

The Township has implemented measures to control geese populations, including daily monitoring and cleaning, herding dogs, repellents, and decoys. However, evidence of people feeding geese has been found during daily monitoring. The public is urged to assist in these efforts by not feeding geese or any wildlife on public property and reporting any signs of vandalism or theft of decoys and beacons.

KFL&A Public Health monitors water quality at all municipally owned or operated public beaches in the region from early June to the end of August. Residents with questions can contact Tim Laprade, Manager of Recreation and Facilities, at 613-376-3027 or tlaprade@southfrontenac.net. Email updates on beach water quality can also be received by signing up on the KFL&A Public Health website.

Photo (cropped): Google