Trillium Gymnasts Medal Winners at Level 4/5 Provincial Championships

Published on: 2019/06/10 - in News

Sixteen local Trillium gymnasts were in in Alliston, Ontario this weekend to compete at the Level 4/5 Provincial Championships.

Trillium Gymnast Aniela Posadowski

By event’s end, Trillium’s Carly van Wylick (center, above left) was awarded a Gold medal on Uneven Bars and Riley Clarke (above right) won Bronze on Uneven Bars in their respective Level and Age categories. Aniela Posadowski (right) was also recognized for her 4th All Around finish in the Level 4, Age 11 category.

The athletes were eligible to compete at Provincial Championships based on their standings from 3 previous qualifying meets and showcased routines in Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam and Floor Exercise events.

Trillium Gymnastics Level 4 and 5 Provincial Results

  • Kyra Johnston (L4, Age 9) 9th on Vault, 17th All Around
  • Ally Tschakovsky (L4, Age 9) 4th on Floor, 7th on Balance Beam, 9th All Around
  • Addison Fleming (L4, Age 9) 4th on Vault, 6th on Floor, 12th All Around
  • Jorja Amey (Level 4, Age 10) 18th on Floor, 28th All Around
  • Riley Clarke (L4, Age 11) 3rd on Uneven Bars, 8th on Balance Beam, 18th All Around
  • Kaitlyn Tofts (L4, Age 11) 5th on Vault, 7th on Floor, 7th All Around
  • Aniela Posadowski (L4, Age 11) 4th on Uneven Bars, 5th on Vault, 4th All Around
  • Piper Coombes (L4, Age 12) 5th on Vault, 9th on Uneven Bars, 18th All Around
  • Ava Provost (L4, Age 13) 15th on Vault, 23rd on Uneven Bars, 28th All Around
  • Marnie Evans (L4, Age 13) 7th on Uneven Bars, 11th on Floor, 10th All Around
  • Carly van Wylick (Level 4, Age 15+) 1st on Uneven Bars, 4th on Vault, 7th All Around
  • Jessica Watters (Level 4, Age 15+) 6th on Floor, 11th on Uneven Bars, 10th All Around
  • Sierra Soule (Level 4, Age 15+) 13th on Floor, 18th on Balance Beam, 22nd All Around
  • Grace Russell (Level 4, Age 15+) 19th on Floor, 22nd on Balance Beam, 29th All Around
  • Marley Sampson (Level 5, Age 11) 13th on Vault, 14th on Uneven Bars, 15th All Around
  • Emilia Strotmann Scanlon (Level 5, Age 14+) 6th on Uneven Bars, 9th on Floor, 10th All Around

Trillium Gymnastics congratulated all its competitors at the Provincials and says training will continue for competitive gymnasts on July 2nd.

Photos: Trillium Gymnastics