Community Thanked for Not Flushing Wipes, Facial Tissue and Paper Towel

Published on: 2020/03/26 - in News

Utilities Kingston has expressed its appreciation to the community for properly disposing wipes, facial tissue and paper towel, even as some other Ontario municipalities report an increase in sewer clogs.

Those other municipalities are reporting an increase in sanitary system issues due to an increase in using disinfectant wipes and other options people are using in light of the toilet paper shortage, compounded by many residents spending more time in their home while following physical-isolation measures.

“Our wastewater system operators have confirmed: Kingston’s sanitary system isn’t yet showing an increase in clogs, as related to the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Jim Keech, President and CEO of Utilities Kingston. “We thank the community for your efforts. Please keep up the great work and place wipes, facial tissue and paper towel in the trash. These steps will help protect your home from a costly and unpleasant sewer back-up.”

Utilities Kingston issued a reminder that “only the three Ps: pee, poo and toilet paper” can be flushed. Flushing other items can cause equipment to fail, poses a health and safety risk to staff, or put your home at risk of sewage back-ups.

Instructions on flushing items were provided as follows:

  • Wipes of any kind: cleaning, baby and hand wipes go in the garbage, even if the package claims they are flushable. It’s a toilet, not a trash can!
  • Similarly, used paper towel and facial tissue belong in the garbage.
  •  Fats, oils and greases (“FOGs”) can combine with wipes to create an even bigger problem. Wipe greasy pans with a paper towel and put it in the Green Bin. Dispose of solidified fats and grease in a one hundred per cent paper cup, in your Green Bin. Dispose of cooking oil in a screw-top container in your garbage. (Utilities Kingston and its partners are temporarily suspending the FOG cup program.)

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Image: Alexas Fotos (cc)