Liberal Candidate Ted Hsu Holds Virtual Town Hall Meeting

Published on: 2011/04/26 - in News

Last night, Liberal candidate Ted Hsu (pictured here with the Hon. Peter Milliken) held a virtual town hall meeting with more than 6,000 Kingston and area constituents.

The teleconference enabled Hsu to expand on some of the topics raised in previous local Party debates as well as providing a Q&A platform for participants to ask additional questions of the candidate.

Some of the subjects discussed in the call included Federal revenue, mental health, tax credits, and the local job market.

To raise revenue, the Liberal party would return corporate tax rates back to 18% from its current 16%,and more resources would be allocated to aid people with mental health care issues.

Kingston employment will benefit from jobs in the digital technology, clean energy, research, and healthcare fields. Hsu would also bring in more businesses in the green energy and manufacturing sectors, promoting the city’s location and educated workforce.  The candidate also suggested that, instead of a tax credit towards children’s activities, art and music programs could be returned to the school curriculum.

The town hall telephone meeting followed a day of Hsu canvassing various parts of the city accompanied by the soon to be retired M.P. and Speaker of the House of Commons, Peter Milliken.

Ted Hsu and the other Party candidates have engaged in a number of public debate events, including last week at Queen’s University; live streamed on the internet by Queen’s TV (3+ hour video embedded below).

The Federal Election will be held this coming Monday, May 2, and voting stations can be located by entering your Postal Code at


Photo: | With notes from local Twitterer: GPtekkie